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In beach volleyball, there are no rules about player positions, rotating after each serve, and there is no attack line to distinguish between front and back court players when playing with 2, 3, or 4 people teams. The only exception is that players always need to follow a serving order, regardless of how many people of the team.

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Coaching. I’d say the other greatest difference between AVP and Olympic beach volleyball rules is the coaching privileges. In the Olympics, coaches are not allowed in the players’ box during the match. They’re actually not allowed to communicate with their players at all during the match, just like in tennis.

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Beach Volleyball vs Indoor Volleyball: Rules and Regulations

In indoor volleyball, a set is won by the first team to score 25 points. Beach volleyball is played to 21. In indoor volleyball, a team must win 3 sets to win the game, and on the sand, the game is won by the first team to win 2 sets.

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Beach volleyball is a best-of-three set contest unlike indoor volleyball where matches can go on till five sets. The first two sets are played until one team reaches 21 points - as opposed to 25 in the indoor version for its first four sets - and the third and final deciding set, if required, is played to 15 points.

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The big difference in beach volleyball is that the block actually DOES count as a touch. So, your team only has 2 more touches before it goes back over the net. For a more detailed article on the differences in rules between beach and indoor volleyball, click here. Go play volleyball!


Beach Volleyball is, however, unique amongst net games in insisting that the ball is in constant flight – a flying ball – and by allowing each team a degree of internal passing before the ball must be returned to the opponents. OFFICIAL BEACH VOLLEYBALL RULES 2017-2020 9 VOLLEY PASSING Service Rotation Explosive Action Defense Jumping Power

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There are some specific and unique rules in place for beach volleyball. The most obvious difference is team size – beach volleyball is played in pairs, also called “doubles.” In the beach discipline, matches are typically played to 21 points, with players switching sides every 7 points to allow for equal playing conditions on both sides of court (often influenced by outdoor conditions like wind, sun, etc.).

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Court dimensions for indoor volleyball are different. Compared to an indoor volleyball court, a beach court is a meter narrower and 2 meters shorter in length. Beach volleyball rules for FIVB competition, the free zone surrounding the court should be a minimum of 5 meters to a maximum of 6 meters from the endlines and sidelines.