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The skill of tackling in soccer is the act of a defender coming to meet an opponent who is in possession of the ball, engaging him, and then legally using a foot to take the ball away. This is an aggressive act that almost always involves contact, either between the players directly or with the ball between them.

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You use the inside of one foot to block the ball and take it from your opponent. To execute a block tackle you must choose the exact right time. When you see the opportunity to get to the ball, extend your foot and keep it firm. Chances are that you and the opponent will kick the ball at the same time.

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Soccer Rules-Fouls- Tackling. By Jeffrey Caminsky | Submitted On April 25, 2007. While most acts on a soccer field are fouls only by degree, a few acts, however, are deemed fouls whenever they take place--regardless of how or why they occur. One such act occurs through the clumsy use of the feet during an attempt to win it away from the other side.

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Slide tackle in soccer. Again rule #1 is you can’t slide tackle in soccer from behind or it’s an automatic red card. When you slide tackle in soccer you want to tackle with your laces most of the time but you could us the inside depending on the situation.

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9 Things to Remember When Tackling. There are a lot of decisions that go into making a soccer tackle. You have to weigh up the risks and rewards for your team, figure out which tackle is best to use, and also make sure you don’t get a yellow or red card. Here are nine things to keep in mind: 1. Don't tackle with both feet off the ground

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Anyway, when not in possession, the aim must be to retrieve the ball; that’s where tackling comes in. Tackling is one of two ways to regain possession of the ball in association football, with interception being the other. The difference with the interception is that it does not involve a challenge on the opponent, whereas tackling does.

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What Age Can You Slide Tackle in Soccer. A general rule for the appropriate age group in which slide tackles are legal – regardless of experience or competition level – is typically U15. As might be apparent, this is around the age of high school-level soccer. Once a player gets to high school, they will likely have the appropriate physical ability and sufficient experience to execute a proper slide tackle.

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Making contact with an opponent before touching the ball when tackling an opponent to gain possession of the ball (Note: it is always a foul if the tackler contacts the ball handler before touching the ball.