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Tennis Balls have a diameter of 2.575”-2.7” (6.54-6.86 cm) and circumference of 8.09”-8.48” (20.6-21.5 cm). The mass of a Tennis Ball must be between 1.975-2.095 oz (56-59.4 g). A Tennis Ball is a ball designed for the sport of tennis. At major sporting events Tennis Balls are a fluorescent yellow, but in recreational play, they can be virtually any color.

What is the radius of a tennis ball? - Answers

Standard tennis balls have a radius between 32.71 mm and 34.29 mm How do you calculate the volume of a tennis ball? To a first approximation, a tennis ball is a sphere.

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A tennis ball that I have here is 2 1/4 inches across, with 1/8 inch thick rubber all around. So the open space inside is 2 inches across (the diameter is 2 inches). The radius (r) is half of that, so r=1 inch. So the volume of the inside of the ball is 4/3*pi (pi=3.14) inches^3 = 4.2 inches^3.

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Modern tennis balls must conform to certain criteria for size, weight, deformation, and bounce criteria to be approved for regulation play. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 6.54–6.86 cm (2.57–2.70 inches). Balls must have masses in the range 56.0–59.4 g (1.98–2.10 ounces). Yellow and white are the only colors approved by the ITF, and most balls produced are a fluorescent yellow known as "optic yellow", first introduced in 1972 following ...

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dimensions for a regulation size 5 ball. Korfball: 8.5 to 8.8 : 216.5 to 224.4: the size 5 ball for players >15 yrs. Size between 68cm and 70.5cm in circumference and weigh between 445g and 475g when fully inflated. Water polo: 8.5 to 8.9: 216.5 to 226.0: size 5 (used for male adults) Netball: 8.9: 226 : Basketball: 9.4: 238.8: dimensions for a regulation size 7 ball.

The Physics of Tennis | Basic Tennis Physics

Whenever a tennis racquet hits a ball, Newton's Second Law, F ⇀ = m a ⇀ \vecF=m\veca, which relates the external force on object to the object's resulting acceleration, determines the resulting acceleration of the ball due to the force of the racquet on the ball. In addition, Newton's Third Law informs us that that the force exerted by the ball on the racquet is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force exerted on the racquet by the ball.

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Hitting a ball with topspin causes a Magnus force to act on the ball perpendicular to the velocity of the ball in the downward direction. Because there is an additional downward force on the ball, tennis players can hit the ball with a greater speed and have it land in the court, if they apply topspin to the ball when hitting it.

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The official diameter of a tennis ball, as defined by the International Tennis Federation, is at least 2.575 inches and at most 2.700 inches. Tennis balls are sold in cylindrical containers that contain three balls each.

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Ball radius calculated by volume. This calculator does the opposite of this Sphere calculator - finds the radius of the ball by its volume.

A tennis ball has a radius of 6.7 centimeters. What is the ...

A tennis ball has a radius of 6.7 centimeters. What is the volume of a tennis ball? Use 3.14 for pi. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. a)157.48 cm3 b)1259.19 cm3 c)4188.79 cm3 d)9634.08 cm3