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First, the ball should be in a fluorescent ”optic yellow” color. Second, the official rules of tennis also state that the ball has to fit the official diameter of 6.54-6.86cm (2.57-2.7in) and weigh between 56-59.4g (1.98-2.10oz). Modern regulation tennis balls are also kept in a pressurized container until initial use.

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Know Your Equipment. Nearly all public and private tennis courts are built to regulation size and specifications. Court dimensions are the same for hard court, clay or grass surfaces. If you're playing on clay, you may need to wear shoes with non-marking soles.

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If you're playing in a higher level event, the following additional Regulations will usually apply in addition to the basic rules discussed above. Regulation 3.04.02 states that you're no longer allowed to change your racket during a match unless it's been accidentally damaged so badly that you can't use it.

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Tennis Gear. As with most sports, when playing professional tennis, the tennis players are expected to wear proper tennis shoes. This rule was made to protect the tennis court from blemishes and tread marks. Black-soled shoes are not allowed on the court, as they may leave blemishes on the court.

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Racket, tennis ball, shoes, and a dress code are mandatory equipment for the sport. Apart from player needs, the tennis court needs a net to separate playing area of each player. Know about these equipment in detail below. Racket. Rackets can be made of many alloys or wood. There are no restrictions on the size or materials used in making a racket.

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Tennis equipment: racquet head. Racquets were originally made of wood but most are now made of much stronger, lighter man-made materials such as aluminium or graphite. The only restrictions on the...

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The rules and regulations of tennis govern some basic equipment needed to play the game. Players must use their own stringed racket to play and they will need some tennis balls. As a rule, typical sports attire will suffice.

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Also, there is a seatbelt, to give the player the stability, and carry another tennis ball. Because the players don’t want to chase the balls in the corners of the courts. They’ll just carry a ball in their lap, or in the wheelchair spokes, or right under the leg. Additional equipment for quadriplegic tennis: