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Whether due to the bounce of the ball or the grip, it feels more natural to hit and create topspin with the Molten, which makes it a friendlier volleyball for beginners. Floats still work well with the Molten but require more practice to find that ball movement.

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Get players used to handling the ball in a low body position with this beginner passing drill. Athletes toss the ball high into the air, allow it to bounce once, then catch it just before it hits the floor a second time while in a low base. 7. Volleyball Burpee Passing Drill.

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Sufficient balls for each group of players to use 1. Divide your players into pairs of 2. Provide each group a ball. Drill Progression. The first player throws the ball up in the space to their co-player, and that person plays a pass (bump) back to the partner. Then, the second player attempts to set the ball back to their partner.

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A high ball set, sometimes referred to as a four set, is the most basic offensive play in volleyball. This is a nice, easy, high set that goes to the power, or left-side, hitter. Left-side hitter spiking the volleyball. This is the type of set that hitters learn first.

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For this drill, you won’t be hitting the ball. Instead, let your beginner volleyball players know they need to catch the ball and then throw it one player to catch. While this may seem a little too basic for volleyball, it is actually one of the best drills to start out with. Your beginner volleyball players will better understand moving to the ball, sending the ball to one player, and the three hit rule.