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Volleyball Skills Checklist Serving AchievedNeeds Work LIFT - palm flat and facing up, ball stays on hand until contact Step – small, natural step with opposite foot (right-handers: step with left) taken as arm begins backward motion Hand Contact - contact with closed fist under ball Arm Motion - swift, contact ball below waist with closed fist

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Serving Tip No.2: Point Your Feet . Point your left foot in the exact direction you want to serve. Point your left foot, hips, and upper body straight ahead if you want to serve down the line. Turn your left foot, hips, and upper body facing cross court if serving there. Serving Tip No.3: Face-Time. Face your target.

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Critical Elements Check List-Underhand Volleyball Serve Directions: Students perform an underhand serve attempting to hit the ball over a net 5 times. A tally mark is given each time a critical element is performed. Student’s Name Face target Swing arm back Step with opposite foot Contact with heel of hand Hit ball off hand (don’t toss) Follow

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And while serving a volleyball may not be as important as ensuring the safety of a few hundred people at 36,000 feet, it’s very important in the context of trying to win matches. Neville’s suggested checklist looks like this: Take a long, deep breath to center yourself. Identify your target. Visualize velocity, trajectory, location. Serve

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10 Volleyball Serve Receive Tips: A Checklist To Better Volleyball Passing As a bonus for you, I've reprinted another article of mine that I contributed on the Active.com site which contains my 10 passing tips you can use to maximize your individual and your squad's serve reception .

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The checklist: Center yourself. Take a long, deep breath ; Identify your target (serve with a purpose); Mind map – visualize velocity, trajectory and location; Then, serve. Do this every time whether you’re serving against a wall or serving for match point. Shawn Patchell Concordia University Irvine men’s volleyball coach Here are two things I think are very important:

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Presented by: Tina Jasinowski, Alter Girls' & Boys' Varsity Volleyball Coach Page 2 fundamental skills checklist serving lift - palm flat and facing up, "lift" the ball not higher than a ball width (or two) above head step – small, natural step with opposite foot (right-handers: step with left) taken at same time as ball is "lifted"

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An effective serve is one of the biggest weapons in volleyball. Players who take the time to learn how to serve a volleyball overhand instantly give themselves a significant advantage over everyone else. To be a great server, a player needs to be strong, consistent, and accurate.